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Aries : As October's energy embraces you, Aries, it appears that romance is no longer on your brain. Now it's all about the relationship that forms as a result of those heart-stirring encounters. Many of you single Aries have recently met someone very special, and you may find your relationship status changing as October begins. Suddenly, you're faced with the opportunity to no longer be single but to be taken. What an uncomfortable (but exciting) proposition for someone who is used to going at it alone in life. Your universe has toppled upside down, and you might be integrating a very different dynamic into your life as you go from dramatically being me-centered to we-centered.
This shift may not be easy for the first half of the month. A Full Moon in your sign on October 5 will call your attention to emotional yearnings you have, and this includes any deep feelings of attachment you find yourself developing for that special someone but it's complicated. You'll need to negotiate emotions about relating to someone with REAL relationship potential -- and that means you'll need to learn how to compromise.
Fortunately, your anxiety about being coupled up will quickly melt away. On October 14, Venus will enter your relationship sector, offering you and your sweetie amazing support through November 7. A New Moon on October 19 screams relationship potential. With the opposition to Uranus, however, it will also be about liberating yourself from outworn conceptions about what a partnership should be. There are no "shoulds" with Uranus, and you'll soon learn that a less traditional relationship might be the ideal compromise for your independent soul. You'll be completely motivated to make this work by October 22 thanks to Mars entering your commitment sector.
If you're already in a sweet, cozy partnership, you'll also have exciting developments this October. Jupiter will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources on October 10, helping money flow much more easily to your spouse or partner. He or she will begin to do better financially and this will certainly benefit you. Another possibility is that you'll begin to see how your past shrewd investments are now paying off. They will continue to do so until November 2018. Not too shabby!

Tauras : There might be a secret you have -- or a secret project you're working on -- that is about to be exposed. One possibility is that you want to keep this quiet for a little longer, but someone may out you near the Full Moon on October 5, leaving you feeling vulnerable. The need to regroup at this point may be strong, but you shouldn't worry. Very soon you'll see that this will all work out even better than you imagined.
Another possibility is that this is more of an emotional frustration you're grappling with early in the month. A need to purge yourself of any personal demons might be a significant theme, and if that's the case, you'll be ready to do so during this Full Moon. Your emotional health is important, and it does you good to clean away those mental cobwebs and nourish your soul every once in a while. Make sure you allow time and space to do this early in the month however you see fit.
By the middle of October your focus will be on work and health matters -- and there is SO much happening! Your ruler, Venus, enters your 6th House of Employment on October 14 where she'll remain until November 7. It'll be easier than ever to collaborate with others on team projects. If single, an office romance might begin to blossom. If you're a business owner and need to hire staff, you'll find someone who is the perfect fit.
It's a good thing that your relationship with colleagues will run smoothly because you'll need their support at the New Moon on October 19. This lunation occurs in your work sector and symbolizes amazing potential for a brand-new assignment or job to come your way. It might be the result of that top secret project you were working on (that may have been exposed) earlier in the month. See? You didn't have to worry so much about it! It turns out that even if it ruffled someone's feathers -- possibly someone higher up -- it led to an even better opportunity. You'll have no trouble spinning this situation in your favor!
In other news, your relationship world is about to change, becoming richer and more meaningful. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and abundance, will move into your partnership sector for the first time in 12 years on October 10. He remains here until November 8, 2018, and many single or dating Taureans will find the love of a lifetime and make a relationship commitment during this time. If you are already married, then you and your partner will enjoy a year of amazing support. Business partnerships are also highly favored during the next thirteen months. The right people will come to you.

Gemini : Exciting changes are happening in your love and work lives in October. Basically, you've got it going on this month, Gemini!
Although a Full Moon in Aries might serve as a watershed across your friendship sector, if you and a pal do part ways, try to take a "circle of life" approach to it and be willing to let it go. Perhaps you have just grown apart. Hey, it happens. Another possibility is that one of your close friends will move out of state, leading to a geographical divide that makes it difficult to keep your friendship fire burning in the same way. All you can do is try.
If you're thinking about making a lateral move and want to find new work, you're in luck. Jupiter will move into the area of your chart connected to jobs and assignments on October 10. Not only will you find work you'll love, but you'll also feel very fortunate to work with the group of people you're teamed up with. Another possibility is that you will take on more freelance work or other projects. You might become so busy that you find yourself having to say "no, thanks" to a couple of opportunities. Yes, you'll have your pick when it comes to work and that will surely be music to your ears -- and your wallet! This trend will last until November 8, 2018.
Your health will also become more of a focus during this time, and if you do need any type of extended care from doctors or other providers, you'll find top-notch professionals to help you get well. Overall, however, Jupiter in the 6th House of Well-Being is quite protective of health, so you're likely to begin certain preventative protocols that offer you a complete edge. This will be a great year if you're having a baby. Jupiter will be in Scorpio, and Scorpio is the sign ruling reproductive health. Expect a happy pregnancy. If you need fertility treatments, it all looks very promising!
If you're single, Gemini, get ready for some breathtaking romantic prospects. On October 14, Venus will move into your true love sector followed by a New Moon in the same area of your chart on October 19. Mars will join the party on October 22, making your 5th House of Romance light up with amazing possibility. This is also the area of your chart ruling children, once again highlighting baby making for you. With Mars here, sex for pleasure will also be a priority. What are you waiting for, Gemini? It's time to get busy!

Cancer : A professional jolt is possible on October 5 thanks to a cranky Full Moon at the top of your chart. A career path that you once thought was a dream come true might now feel like an impossible nightmare. Power struggles with business partners, or even stress with clients, might feel like they are insurmountable, leaving you to question whether or not you're still on a viable career path. Although some of you Cancers will feel a need to shift goals in order to be true to yourself, there might also be some resistance from your spouse or partner who urges you to remain practical and to stop being so selfish. If a conversation like this comes up, you'll surely be inflamed.
Fortunately, the professional stress will begin to wane midmonth as you focus your attention on other matters. Your family and domestic life will begin to offer you more support and joy, especially your children. Venus will move into your 4th House of Home and Family on October 14, followed by a New Moon in the same area of your chart on the October 19. This might be when you and your clan decide it's time to begin a home decorating project or make a decision to look for a new living space entirely. Mars entering your 4th house on the 22nd makes this more of a top priority. Do-it-yourself projects are always well supported when Mars is clashing around in your home sector since it discharges much of the anger potential with Mars which lessens the possibility that you and a family member will argue. If you do end up quarreling with someone at home, it's probably going to be your spouse.
Your relationship with your kids will be amazing. That's because on October 10 Jupiter will move into your 5th House of Children, Creative Self-Expression, and Romance for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter will remain here until November 8, 2018, offering tremendous opportunities for personal growth for any children you have regardless of their age. You may also be inspired to feed your artistic side more, and if you are, this is the time to do so. What brings you joy in life is meant to be paid attention to and cultivated. So, find your joy and do more of it.
If you're single, this will be one of your best times in years to meet someone special. Your heart is open and you're ready to embrace love and happiness.

Leo : You may feel as if you're on a cosmic learning curve at the beginning of October. However, don't stress too much -- by the end of the month you'll feel brighter than the Sun.
It all begins with a testy Full Moon on October 5 that's falling in the area of your chart connected to higher learning. This Full Moon might mark a significant turning point for you where your educational pursuits might be interrupted. This can be due to you realizing that the degree or certification you're pursuing is a complete waste of time. You may also feel that due to work obligations you can't really focus on your studies right now. Another possibility is that you're trying to release a major publishing, advertising, or broadcasting project, but run into harsh resistance from your colleagues. They might insist on a better way to execute things, much to your frustration. You'll want to growl at coworkers, but truthfully, this is one of those times when you'll be better off conceding.
After the initial grumblings behind this Full Moon are over, however, the rest of your month will become much brighter. Venus will enter your message sector on October 14, helping to smooth over any rough edges to your words. You'll find it's easier to negotiate, and that your communications-related endeavors run much more smoothly. In fact, there is likely to be a dazzling opportunity in this area after the New Moon on October 19. If you're in the sales industry, you may notice that your ambition picks up around October 22 -- and so will your profit. Mars will enter your 3rd House of Communication at this time, and since Venus is already there, you'll have fuel combined with cash flow, making you unstoppable.
In other news, after October 10, your home and family life is about to become much happier. It's not that it wasn't already lovely it very well may have been. It's just that now there's an extra special cosmic boost in this area of your life and it will continue through November 8, 2018. We're talking about Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings. During these thirteen months he will move through your domestic 4th house adding more family bliss into your life than you ever imagined possible. Another bonus? You might move into a new living space that makes you feel on top of the world. It'll either be an upsize to a grander place or it'll be the kind of move that brings more peace to you. With Jupiter, it may very well be all of the above. Stay tuned!

Virgo : Financial changes are in the air this month. While it may feel as if you're on a wild roller coaster ride at times, by the end of October you should have a handle on things -- and feel like you're back in the driver's seat. But first, the chaos
It all begins with a stressed out Full Moon on October 5. If you had a moment of insanity recently and made an investment that was quite risky, you could lose out big time. Another possibility is that one of your children has a health or educational expense that costs you a bundle. If you're in the midst of a divorce and will be having a court hearing on child support, there's a good chance you'll have to pay substantially more than you initially realized. These are only a few of many different possible scenarios, but the common theme is that this Full Moon will be an expensive one for you.
The good news is that within days, on October 14, you'll have fantastic support to help you increase your cash flow. Venus will move into your earned income sector at this time, making it easier than ever for you to cultivate your talents and market them, or to ask your boss for a raise that will be well received. Wait until after October 19, however, before you ask. On this day, a New Moon will fall in your 2nd House of Earned Income, making it even more likely that you'll find ways to make your wallet fatter.
You've had so much financial support over the last thirteen months thanks to Jupiter being in your finance sector, but on October 10, he will kiss this part of your chart goodbye and move onto new territory. Until November 8, 2018, Jupiter will move through your 3rd House of Communications, Short Trips, Siblings, and Neighbors. You may hear amazing news from a brother, sister, or neighbor during this time. Your relationships with your siblings and neighbors will also likely improve. Additionally, you might be ready to enjoy more road trips to places you love driving or taking the train to. State-to-state travel is more likely than international trips, but you will love every moment of your upcoming getaways.
Since the 3rd house rules communications of all kinds, it is very possible that you'll have an opportunity to write, teach, or learn something new. You will be quite excited about these prospects, so go ahead and let your inner nerd shine! Lastly, if you're in the sales industry, your happy money trend should continue. Earnings from sales are likely to flourish. Same goes for any speaking engagements, writing projects, or teaching jobs you get. If you have any contracts to sign, you'll negotiate favorable terms. Mentally, you'll be in a place of "yes" for quite some time. It's sure to take you far.

Libra : October brings on Libra season which means it's time to stand out and shine that light of yours as brightly as you can. What are your personal aspirations for the next year? What changes can you make to help you live the life you know you want and deserve? These are only a couple of questions to help you get your wheels turning. But first, let's discuss that not-so-nice Full Moon happening on October 5.
This Full Moon will illuminate your partnership sector and is grating against Pluto, the planet of control, in your 4th House of Family. It seems as if you and your mate have hit a rough patch, and at this Full Moon, things can get quite ugly. If you happen to be in the initial stages of a breakup, this might be when one of you moves out. If you are still together but fighting more, it's possible that your partner will try to wedge one or more of your relatives against you. Or, this may have nothing to do with family and everything to do with your current living situation. There's a strong indication that your partner is not happy with it and is being forced to make concessions that he or she would rather not. As a result, this may take a toll on your relationship.
However, once you get past October 14, you'll begin to feel better about everything. Venus will enter your sign at this time, helping you attract peaceful solutions and loving vibes from others. Then, a New Moon in your sign really sets the tone for that personal fresh start. Happening on the 19th, it'll be opposite electrifying Uranus. So, while you'll be ready to make those major changes you've been thinking about, it's possible that at least one of them will rattle a close relationship or shock your mate. Mars enters your sign on October 22, giving you more stamina and courage to go after what you want than you've had in two years.
In other news, you can expect a major shift in finances after the 10th. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will leave your sign and move into your 2nd House of Earned Income. Until November 8, 2018, you can look forward to a surge in confidence and opportunity to develop and market your special talents. Cash flow improvements will begin to happen. While you might feel like there's a rainstorm in your love life this month, somehow there's a money tree with your name on it that'll receive all the water it needs to grow.

Scorpio : Nerve-wracking changes on the job and in your work relationships are likely early in the month. Fortunately, October will also bring a rare cosmic blessing your way that is truly something to celebrate.
You might be ready to leave a job near the Full Moon on October 5. There's something about your daily grind that is now frustrating you endlessly. This might have to do with the actual work you're doing, but it may also involve the people you work with or for. If you and a colleague have not been getting on well, it's possible that a discordant conversation will turn into a war of words. What the universe is signaling to you, Scorpio, is that it's time to let go of what is really making you unhappy about your work environment. Not only is this important for your quality of life, it's also vital to your health. If you are a business owner, this might be a time when you need to let go of a staff member who isn't doing his or her job or is not respecting you the way you should be. One way or another it's time to cut the cancer out of this all-important part of your life.
The amazing news is that even if the stress is getting you down early in the month, the universe has the most amazing gift for you on October 10. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and blessings will enter Scorpio for the first time in 12 years! Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 8, 2018, and you can look forward to a slew of happy changes and opportunities geared to help you embrace life and all that is has to offer during this time. The people you meet during this time truly want to help you, so pay attention to any new relationships you forge now. Another bonus? If you're single, this will be an amazing time for love. In fact, a blissful soul mate connection could be on the horizon. Get ready!

Sagittarius : We all know that children can bring incredible joy to our lives. They are also quite expensive. At the Full Moon on October 5, it's possible that something major is culminating for one of your children. He or she might even be going through a very happy personal life milestone (depending on their age). Whatever is happening in their world, however, is costing you a bundle. If you have older children this might have to do with college expenses, a first car, or even a wedding gift. Some of you extra generous Sagittarians might also be helping a child move into his or her own place.
Another possibility is that this has nothing to do with a child but is more about a creative endeavor that is close to your heart. You might have to stop doing it because it's just too darned expensive. Try not to stress because an unexpected solution may arrive just in the nick of time thanks to a friend.
One last potential with this Full Moon has to do with your love life. You and someone you're dating might decide to call it quits if things are not going well. Hang in there if you're feeling lonely and frustrated. If you and a lover end things, it's because you know in your heart that it just wasn't meant to be. New romantic potential is around the corner.
Venus will move into your social 11th House of Community on October 14. This is always an opportune time to consider Internet dating, hiring a personal matchmaker, or even allowing one of your pals to set you up on a date with someone. Attend as many fun social gatherings as possible through November 7 -- you're likely to meet someone who makes you smile.
A New Moon will fall in the same area of your chart, lighting up networking opportunities for you on the 19th. This will also be a time where sudden changes in direction to that creative project from earlier in the month might somehow prove to work in your favor.
If at any point life feels impossibly stressful, you are about to experience one of the most profound universal blessings ever. Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move into your hidden 12th house on October 10. You'll enjoy guardian angel protection no matter how rough life gets until November 8, 2018. It's not guaranteed that life will become more stressful, so don't freak out. It just means that if you are faced with a major problem over the next thirteen months, you can count on someone to help you out of it. Consider it your "get out of jail free" card from the universe, Sagittarius. Use it well.

Capricon : This will feel like one of those months where you're pulled in two opposite directions -- and for two very different reasons. Although there might be some tension ahead at home, there is also incredibly brilliant energy at your disposal for career progress. So, how will you navigate October's seesaw? Very judiciously
It all begins on October 5 with a stressed out Full Moon in your home and family sector. This Full Moon might bring some news from a relative that is rather emotional, and there might even be a crisis on the home front that you're forced to handle. Make no mistake about it Capricorn, YOU will be the one to handle it. In fact, it appears that you're the only one equipped to do so because you'll be able to strategize a plan while the rest of your clan is busy reacting to whatever the situation is. While this should make you the hero of your family, the frustrating part about this is that it might not. In fact, they may all feel like you're trying to strong-arm everyone into doing things your way. Yes, you are, but it's only because in this situation you really do know best. Let's hope your clan can allow you to take the lead.
Whether or not they do, by midmonth your focus will shift thanks to the most amazing professional cycles opening up. Venus lands at the top of your chart on October 14, followed by a New Moon on October 19. Mars will then edge into your career sector on the 22nd to really get things moving. This is truly magnificent astrology to help you launch a business, reach for a promotion, or pursue a completely new direction in career. You'll have the support of VIPs, and will also work furiously to make anything you touch turn to gold.
You'll even have the support of lucky Jupiter, although he is leaving your career sector on the 10th and moving into a new part of your chart. This will be your 11th house which, among other things, rules the money you make from your own business. So, if you're launching that business, expect the cash to flow! Even if you don't, Jupiter will help you succeed. The 11th house rules your greatest hopes and wishes, and old astrology lore dictates that with Jupiter here, a dream will come true. Having Jupiter in this house will also be incredible for networking opportunities. Your friends and acquaintances really do want to see you succeed now, and they'll be able to help you make anything happen.

Aquarius : There's a major lesson for you this month regarding communication. Essentially, it has everything to do with learning when to reveal information and when it's best to keep your lips sealed. There's a strong chance you might say something that you later wish you could take back near the Full Moon on October 5. Be forewarned, the first week of the month will be ideal to pretend you've got a bad case of laryngitis.
This might also be an argument between you and one of your siblings that has been bubbling underneath the surface. If there is any contention between you and a brother or sister, you might want to send their calls straight to voicemail until after October 5 so that this tense energy has a chance to die down.
Another possibility with this Full Moon is that you're ready to release a major communications-related project, but find out last minute that a VIP is pulling rank on you and demands major changes out of nowhere. If so, you'll have to scramble to meet them. However, there's no need to worry because you will!
If education is on your mind, it's possible that you'll become serious about pursuing a new course of study after October 19. This may be an advanced degree but it doesn't have to be that in depth. It might actually be connected to a license or other type of certification you've wanted to get that will help you become more marketable in your industry.
When it comes to your profession, there is a MAJOR change in store that begins on October 10. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity, will move into your career sector for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter will remain in this part of your chart until November 8, 2018, and during this time, you'll have a push for success that is absolutely stunning. If you've been thinking about launching a new business venture, expanding your existing business, or reaching for a promotion, this will be the time to act. Your star is on the rise, Aquarius. See you at the top!

Pisces : If the month starts out with you feeling the financial pinch, don't despair. The universe is playing a strange juggling act with your money, but you won't come up short in the end!
Having said that, a frazzled Full Moon will illuminate your earned income sector which might possibly lead to a loss of income on October 5. It doesn't seem to be your job (if you work for a company) so that's good news. If, however, you have a side business, then it's possible that the money you make from this endeavor will not be as solid early in the month. Why not consider running a special or doing a marketing campaign? Even if it's not a smashing success it should help some. Another possibility is that you have hit a wall when it comes to funding one of your personal aspirations because there just isn't any more cash in your budget for this endeavor. If that's the case, it might be time to seek an outside investor.
That is actually a great idea, so before you close up shop and give up on your dreams, recognize that when it comes to other people's money, you'll be in a solid position to make bank. Venus will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources on October 14, offering you amazing financial possibilities in this domain. Then, on October 19, a New Moon will fall in the same area of your chart. This sets up a powerful cycle where you can set anything in motion that involves money from a source besides your own paycheck. So, go ahead and pitch an investor after this New Moon. It looks promising!
Another way you might recoup funds is through an uptick in commissions, royalties, a bonus check, or through your partner's income (he or she might receive a raise). In some cases, if an insurance or settlement payout is coming your way, it can arrive just in the nick of time. Or, you might find out you're owed a tax refund. Sweet! If you do need to take out a loan during this time of financial transition, you'll get one easily and should be able to pay it back faster than you anticipate.
Lastly, Jupiter will move into your 9th House of Higher Education on October 10. This will infuse your heart and soul with a bit of wanderlust, and at some point between now and November 2018, you might decide to take that dream vacation overseas. You may decide to go back to school and obtain a degree or certification you've always wanted. Knowledge is power with Jupiter in Scorpio, but for you Pisces, it will also be the doorway to your future success. Open up.
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